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AOPK (Anyang Open Public Kitchen) was a series of workshop on introducing Indonesian Soul Kitchen and Soul Food. What meant by “Soul Kitchen” is how actually Indonesian cook and treat their kitchen culturally combines traditionally inherit the legacy on each family. Traditionally includes how the way of cooking were told by generation to generations, orally or written.

The “Soul Kitchen” were transformed into a mini compact portable mobile kitchen, built in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and brought to Anyang for every workshops

Portable Mobile Kitchen

indonesia-soul-kitchen-003 indonesia-soul-kitchen-004

While the “Soul Food” meant to be how Indonesian treat their cooking and foods and how the foods really matter to them. Either basic foods, comfort foods, memorability foods and/or fusion recipes that has been blended and being told from older generations.

On this APL (Anyang Public Lab) Project, Liyana Fuad & Langga Jasuma gave her best either knowledge, skill, experience, and her family traditions legacies to put on Anyang Open Public Kitchen hands-on workshops to Anyang Public on Indonesian Soul Kitchen and Soul Food.

AOPK Shared Recipes

If you like, you can find the recipes Liyana Shared during the workshops below. Some are in videos, some are in jpeg pictures.

Soul Food: Deep Fried Shrimp Rolls

indonesia-soul-kitchen-007 indonesia-soul-kitchen-008 indonesia-soul-kitchen-009 indonesia-soul-kitchen-010


Soul Food: Nagasari

indonesia-soul-kitchen-011 indonesia-soul-kitchen-012 indonesia-soul-kitchen-013 indonesia-soul-kitchen-014

Soul Food: Oxtail Soup, Fried Fish and Sambal Matah

All these 3 recipes shared on dropbox. to view or download the videos, click the link below:


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