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AGL: Weather Mood Lamp Workshop Archive

One of Anyang Geek Lab (AGL) workshop was “Making Weather Based Mood Lamp” by Dhoni Yudhanto and Tommy Surya. On this hands-on workshop, both maker introduce the basic Arduino programing, learning the Arduino boards and its drivers and software, then ask participants to do basic soldering how to connect the board with the LED ‘Neo Pixel’, an Adafruit product.

The mood lamp is basically fetching the weather forecast and real weather situation on city based, through application APIs. On this particular device, it uses Yahoo weather application to fetch the data. The LED lamp is programed to display RGB brightness and animated based on the weather situation. So you will get various animated lamp if it’s raining, thunderstorm, sunny, snowing, or any other particular weather situation.

Basic Stuff:

Arduino software can be downloaded here

Board driverĀ ESP8266 WiFi can be downloaded here

3D files for the casing parts:
Bottom part can be downloaded here
Top part can be downloaded here

Instruction in PDF can be downloaded here
(equipments needed, how to assembly etc)


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