Anyang Public Lab Project


Ratna Djuwita

From 2003 to 2008 she work and managed Ripple Magazine, one of Youth media who represent youth generation’s criticism towards movements, culture and lifestyle. along with her career in media, she developed Open Labs, a community for electronic music and media art under common room network foundation. She was be director of marketing communication for EAT, one of street wear brand that recognize as pioneered the Indonesian board riding and street wear industry.

she was actively involved in House of Natural Fiber ( HONF). She start initiative project with HONF called Open Apparel, a platform that tries to open new opportunities for fashion industry in Indonesia, developing secondary industries, increase employment opportunities and new possibilities. supported by HONF she and another 4 girls from Yogyakarta collected an open group called XXLab, it’s a collective for art, science and free technologies. their last project is SOYA C(O)U(L)TURE a research project to develop product from soya waste water. In this ambitious research program XXLAB use bacteria and tissue culture to generate bio fuel, food and leather like fabrics from soya liquid waste. The aim is to create a sustainable and cheap production process for such products and to reduce water pollution.

Ratna Djuwita is also an entrepreneur by developing her fashion lines called PARD and BEHAVIOR Yogyakarta fashion brand who present selected works by international and regional commission artist. She is also a founder of MadCow House a cultural space which she dedicated to her late husband.