Anyang Public Lab Project


Tommy Surya

Tommy Surya (1976), male, Indonesian, 2001 graduated from graphic design faculty, Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta. Focused his interest on new media art since 2000, one of founder ‘the house of natural fiber, yogyakarta new media art laboratory’ (HONF). He intends and focuses in organize the community and projects in HONF, and also create and experimenting in visual or videos based medium. Active on vj gathering in community / young creative movement in the region that focus on how to explore many medium as a creative tools. He’s one of key person who intends to build Cellsbutton (Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival) and YIVF (Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival) forum for continuing/related projects. One of his project is VJNUMBERONE Project, video jockey project , an experimental live performance video jockey that develop in many medium as sources and performances. From 2009, He focused on the design and creative division at HONF, and also one of the founding member of Fablab Yogyakarta (HONFablab), Indonesia. Since 2011 until today, he runs HONFablab (Fablab Yogyakarta) as manager and actively builds projects & communities within the maker movement in Yogyakarta. HONFablab, is the first fablab in South East Asia and make a strong connection between HONFablab and Fablab network around the world, and in 2015  he brought makers incubation project in Fablab Yogyakarta to British Council Indonesia boot camp program and been awarded DIAGEO-British Council Social Enterprise Challenge for Arts, Creative and Tourism Organisation 2015.