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Venzha Christ

Venzha Christ (Vincensius Christiawan) is a prolific artist, initiator, and leader in media and art/science research. Venzha Christ has focused on new media art since 1999 and founded “HONF Lab” yogyakarta new media art laboratory, a space for sharing and growing ideas in the field of media art (renamed HONF Foundation in 2011, included 3 institution : v.u.f.o.c , HONFablab , and HONFactory). This center brings together a broad spectrum of society—including artists, creative practitioners, scientist, hackers, activists, and the general public—in an exploratory and responsive dialogue that is determined to fuse education, art and technology with local communities without cultural limitations.

He has produced and organized many projects, such as public art installations, media performances, media art festivals, technology research, a videowork festival, workshops and discussions on media + science + technology, DIY gatherings, and electronic and media culture movements, among others. Venzha is also the initiator and founder of v.u.f.o.c (an extraterrestrial study center), EFP platform, the Micronation/Macronation project, and the Electrocore sound + research project. He and and fellow members of his artistic community present media art projects in many places around the world.

HONF Foundation produces special projects in media art under the Education Focus Program (EFP), the goal of which is to build connections and interactions between local/creative communities (whose interest and focus is on new media), scientists, and creators/artists. A second innovative aim is to make a connection between universities/laboratories with expertise in technology and media artists/theorists who are interested in new media art and technology. Herewith, he tries to reinforce interest in and analysis of technology in artistic production and theory. He seeks to build new bridges between art and technology in Indonesia together with HONF.

Through the particular platform of v.u.f.o.c, Venzha dedicated himself to conducting research projects in the field of space exploration, extraterrestrial, and ancient technology. Meetings and interactions with experts and scientists from various important institutions had brought him to produce many works that collaborate between art world and space science, especially in the last seven year.

Venzha has also served as a conceptor and director for CELLSBUTTON (Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival) since 2007, and launched a new platform for Transformaking – Open Culture and Critical Making (2014), both of which will be produced and organized by HONF every year.